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Attila Dobi

Personal info
Birth date
Family status
+40 74 02 98 580 (primary)
+36 70 39 27 700 (not always turned on)
Web, LinkedIn, GitHub, Instagram, Twitter

Virgo Systems »2017 may - present

Frontnend developer

Leanrocket »2016 june - present

Full-stack web developer »2016 january - present

Full-stack web developer

Webapix Interactive »2015 april - 2016 january

Full-stack web developer

My responsibility is to maintain and develop new feature for sites like: »2012 october - 2015 april

Front-End Engineer

My responsibility is to design, build and maintain the front-end of the application. In the past few months I also worked with the back-end(Symfony).

Technology stack: Symfony 2.3, HTML5, CSS3(with Less, responsive layout), jQuery, Grunt, Twitter's Bootstrap, Twig, Git

Invictus-Games Ltd.»2010 july - 2012 october

Full-stack web developer

My job was to design and implement several web applications. Some of them:

  • Company website. Role: design and implementation of a custom CMS.
    Technology stack: CodeIgniter, Twitter's Bootstrap, Less, Grunt, MySQL.
  • A CMS for press releases. Role: design and implementation.
    Technology stack: CodegnIter, jQuery, CSS, HTML, MySQL.
  • Company website. Role: development.
  • Web application. Role: application design, contact with customers, development.
    Technology stack: CodegnIter, jQuery, CSS, HTML, MySQL.

Other, internally used tools and systems:

  • Several API's for social and mobile games.
  • A data-driven cross-promotion system for mobile games.
  • Several applications to help publishing and promoting games: a CMS for microsites, in-game news.
  • A social game(un-published). Role: development of an API for the client, a HTML and Javascript front-end and a back-end using CodeIgniter and MongoDB.

Web-Server Ltd.»2008 december - 2010 june

Full-stack web developer

My job was to design and implement several internally used web applications, such as:

  • An error reporting application, to help the work and communication between a front and back office.
  • A server management tool.

Technology stack: ZendFramework, HTML, jQuery, CSS, MySQL

Freelancer 2006-present

Developing websites and web applications for different clients.

Side projects

University of Debrecen Faculty of Informatics

Bachelor's Degree in Software Engineering and Mathematics Graduated in: June 2008


Programming languages

PHP (Laravel, Symfony, CodeIgniter, Yii, Zend Framework)
Javascript (Angular 2, Angular 1, jQuery, TypeScript)
Java(J2SE), C

Markup languages

HTML(5), CSS(Bootstrap), XML, JSON


MySQL, SQLite, MongoDB, Oracle

Version control

GIT (Github), SVN, CVS

Operating systems

Windows, Linux




UML, Design Patterns, UI/UX, Responsive design


Facebook, Twitter

Analytical tools

Google Analytics

Language skills
  • Hungarian (mother tongue)
  • English (intermediate)
  • Romanian (intermediate)
Category B driving license